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What is the main reason that so many management training courses fail to deliver any real or lasting value to your organisation? The answer – a complete failure to effectively transfer new learning and skills from the comfort of the training room back to the real world of your organisation.  And this is costing your organisation time and of course, money. If you are frustrated by not achieving a real ROI, find out how your organisation can benefit greatly from The Management Training Channel’s expert management training and coaching.

Your Return On Investment

Undertaking a Management Training course is a good start point for your company, but a really poor end point.  Why? Combine unclear goals, lack of expertise and fee-focused external consultants who want you to keep buying more training courses and you have a recipe for disaster.

The Management Training Channel helps you and your organisation not only significantly reduce management training and development costs, it helps you become more self-reliant and competent.  Sound like a good idea?


What Will I Learn?

Explore the programme content and decide how quickly your personal and team performance can improve. You will learn an abundance of proven, easy-to-apply skills and, they are all focused on helping you to become a more effective manager and achiever.

Every skill you learn has been proven to work effectively in the real world of work.  It’s as relevant as it is worthwhile. Everything you will learn is designed to engage and enable you and your team to perform at your best.


Can You Be As Excited About Our Expert Input As These Clients?

Mark Elliott, Director, the Digital City

Robert Lee, RBS

John Alessi, Archant

For Individuals

If you want to boost your effectiveness as a manager, The Management Training Channel provides you with 24/7 access to a proven management toolkit that will help you deal with the challenges you face on a daily basis. When you take ownership of your management career and success, you position yourself ahead of your peers.  

You will know how to respond to virtually any situation you will encounter in your workplace and lead your team to new levels of performance. Get In Touch

For Business

If you are a HR leader or MD, would it be a good idea to stop wasting your tight budget on management training courses that simply do not add lasting value? Do you want your management population to be more engaging, enabling, collaborative and results-focused without being autocratic?  

Perhaps you want to turn around poor performance issues or boost employee engagement. If you do, The Management Training Channel can definitely help you to achieve this. Get In Touch

For Universities

A growing number of universities are exploring how online management training courses can complement classroom based learning. The Management Training Channel brings a realistic and pragmatic approach to developing high-quality managers.

If you are a programme leader, please contact The Management Training Channel to explore how your students can benefit from the programmme.

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Read what our corporate clients say about our expert management training input with their organisation. You will benefit from from the same level of expertise and knowledge without needing to be with us in person.


Your Experts

Find out a little more about your management training experts, Dirk Bansch and Scott Watson. Together they have trained more than 16,000 managers in organisations across the globe.  And their 100% client satisfaction record reflects the quality of learning you will benefit from. Explore

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